The first Canada Day celebration since the start of Covid was a success! We sold out of virtually all the food! The children's string quartet, singing of Oh Canada in 3 languages, including an indigenous version and the many faces from the community where such a welcome event after the pandemic. To view a short video of the day, please click on the link below and enjoy.

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The inviting aroma of a fresh, hot roast beef sandwich, the smell of fresh popped popcorn, the crinkle of the freshly opened bag of potato chips, the pour of a beer or wine - these have returned after a too long hiatus!! Our relaunch of the ever popular Community Pub Night was welcomed by friends, neighbours and visitors alike. As can be seen by the 3 photos below, the enthusiastic audience was entertained by Just US. Some of the staff for the evening can be seen at a quiet moment in the evening.

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The smell of fresh popped popcorn, the crinkle of the freshly opened bag of potato chips, the sound of a beer bottle being cracked open intermingled with the happy yet serious banter and smiling faces of participants - what welcome sights and sounds after over 2 years!

Our first in-house event was a success! Check out the pictures below to get a sense of the evening. Six tables of enthusiastic card players on a lovely Saturday night - fantastic. With prizes sponsored by Danielle Janssen-Faulkner {Royal LePage - West Realty Group)

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Our first Earth Day Seed Planting event for children was a success. We had 30 attendees from 10+ families visit the Lambton House where they placed soil in fiber egg cartons and planted seeds. The children were given instructions in how much to water, when to expect the first seedlings to appear and how to maintain them after. New plants for their parents gardens!

Check out the 3 photographs below of some of the enthusiastic participants and their planting. Click on any picture to see a larger version of the photograph. Click on the arrows on either side to move forward or backwards through the slide show.