Our Annual Members and Volunteers Appreciation Reception was held on October 23. Many of the attendees welcomed the event after the missed dates due to the Covid pandemic. A number of new ideas, etc. were raised for future events both on-site and remote. The ability to survive the pandemic and continue our programmes was aided immensely by the OTF.

Heritage York and attendees, acknowledged The Ontario Trillium Foundation as one of the leading grant-making foundations in Canada. With the support of the Foundation, Heritage York has been able to recover some of the financial losses resulting from the Covid-19 lock-down.  Heritage York, with these funds, has expanded its web innovation, workplace technology and equipment to better present the story of Lambton House, the Warren Park Valley and the Lower Humber River.


Parkdale-High Park MPP Bhutila Karpoche joined the Board and members of Heritage York at Lambton House to acknowledge, and express appreciation to, the Ontario Trillium Foundation for its generous support.