A Celebration of community involvement in the designation of the Humber as a Canadian Heritage River

On Now!

 Open to the public from 1 August 2019 to 31 October 2019

It didn’t happen overnight!

Humber Heritage Committee celebrates the culmination of 18 years of groundwork and advocacy for, and 20 years of, the Designation of the Humber as Canada’s first urban Canadian Heritage River. This Exhibit shows the Committee members’ associations, affiliations and hard work up to the MTRCA taking the lead on the Designation in 1995.

Humber Heritage Committee was formed in 1984 to advocate for the designation of the Humber River as a Canadian Heritage River. Originally it was comprised of representatives from appointed municipal heritage committees, the Toronto Field Naturalists, La Societe d’histoire de Toronto, ratepayers’ organisations, the Metro Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (MTRCA) and representatives of many river advocacy groups from its sources to its mouth. Consultations are on-going with Indigenous peoples.

The Committee – a precursor of the 1995 Humber Watershed Alliance on which several of our members sat – worked with the Conservation Authority from the early days and continues this beneficial working relationship.

Our members past and present are – Mary Louise Ashbourne, Joan Barrett, Janet Berton, Dan Brignoli, Heather Broadbent, Mary Budd, Ian Deslaurier (MTRCA), Margo Duncan, Helen Juhola, Sheila Lambrinose, Lisette Mallett, Luciano Martin, Florence McDowell, Madeleine McDowell, Joan Miles, Marjorie Mossman, Joan O’Donnell, Charlcie Stickley, Leslie Tomlinson, Ian Wheal.