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Welcome to the site dedicated to the historic Lambton House, located on the east bank of the Humber River. Originally built in 1847 and opened in 1848, the Lambton House operated for 140 consecutive years until it was closed in 1988 for local development. Through the actions of local residents and Heritage York, the building was rescued from demolition and restored as an integral part of the local community.


We invite everyone to come by and check out the last remaining historically designated building on the Humber River from the Lambton Mills period. Come by and learn the important roles the Lambton played in the history and development of this great city.


We look forward to seeing you.


A 19th Century Landmark located by the Banks of the Humber River


Lambton House Spring 2011


4066 Old Dundas Street

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Lambton House

4066 Old Dundas Street

Toronto, ON   M6S 2R6


T: 416-767-5472

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