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Rentals at Lambton House


Lambton House and its grounds are a non-smoking site - cigarettes, cigars, pipes, cannabis and a non-vaping site.


Lambton House has two significant rooms available for rent on the main floor.  Both are wheelchair accessible with a main floor

accessible washroom.




The larger Howland Room can accommodate 45 people seated for dinner or 55 standing. 

It rents for $40 per hour and includes use of the Servery.


The smaller Humber Room can accommodate 20 people seated or 30 standing.

It rents for $30 per hour and includes use of the Servery.


Rental of the entire main floor is $60 per hour.




The main floor Servery does not have cooking facilities, but has a microwave, convection cooker/heater, large coffee urn and smaller coffee makers,

kettles and tea pots, as well as coffee/tea cups and serving trays.


You will have use of a refrigerator during your rental.


Should you wish to serve a meal, it must be cooked off site and brought to the Lambton to be served.




If you are a member of Heritage York or become a member of Heritage York before your rental date, you will receive a 15% discount on your total rental fee. 

This discount applies to any rental during the period of your paid-up membership.




If you plan to serve alcohol, you must -

- obtain a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) from the LCBO, usually $40, except if alcohol is to be sold, then it is $150;

- obtain PAL alcohol insurance from your personal insurer;

- ensure that all alcohol is served by a person with the Ontario SmartServe designation.


We require proof that these have been obtained prior to the event.




We do not permit rice, confetti, feathers or other small party trinkets.


Use of sparklers is strictly prohibited.


Decorations can only be adhered to certain surfaces and must be approved before being put up.


In addition to the hourly rental rate, a half hour prior to and a half hour after the event is added to the total rental time to allow for set-up and clean-up.


There are additional charges for place setting rentals, use of the fireplace stoves, and/or use of chafing dishes or other dishes.


We have a few parking spaces on the west side of the property; we will issue a visitor parking permit for use during the event.

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