There are currently 2 plaques installed on the Lambton House site. As well, there is a plaque dedicated by Heritage York recognizing the Davenport Trail installed on the grounds of St. Matthew Catholic Church on Old Weston Road.

In 1993 Lambton House was the focal point for the City of York Bicentennial. The City of York installed a plaque celebrating Lambton House and was unveiled on August 29th during the celebrations at Lambton House.

On October 4, 1997, a Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada plaque commemorating Sir William Pearce Howland as a figure of national significance was unveiled. Susan Shaw, a Howland descendant and curator of the Howland House in Plymouth, Mass. attended with her husband. Here is a link to the press release by Parks Canada.

The plaque was recently refurbished by the Historic Sites.

On May 28th, 1995, Heritage York dedicated a plaque to commemorate the Davenport Trail. The plaque is located at St. Matthews Catholic Church on Old Weston Road. As it is difficult to read from a distance, here is a mock-up of the plaque.