On October 15, 1954, Hurricane Hazel left a dramatic trail of damage and loss of life in Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario.  The     Humber River took the brunt of the storm.   Streets and bridges were lost.  An estimated 300 million tonnes of rain fell in Toronto.          In all, 83 people died.

For over 2 decades, Heritage York had held an annual Hurricane Hazel night with guest speakers. Unfortunately, with the current pandemic, we can not host the event. However, in the spirit of the event, we will be presenting our special 50th anniversary DVD             as a YouTube video in remembrance of the fateful evening. See the poster below for more details. To see the video, please click on the poster.

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Below are thumbnails for talks by select speakers that have presented their unique talks at our annual Hurricane Hazel night at Lambton House.

During Hurricane Hazel week, please click on the thumbnail of the talk that interests you to be taken to the actual presentation video of that night.