Exhibition in Howland Room


“Through the Lens of Geraldine Moodie,” a selection of historic Northwest Territory photographs of people and places, is on display at Lambton House.  Moodie was born in Toronto in 1854, to Charles and Agnes Moodie Fitzgibbon.  She is a descendant of an early Ontario pioneer family.  In 1886 she travelled west with her children and husband, then a career officer in the North West Mounted Police.  


Geraldine Moodie became western Canada’s first female professional photographer, documenting settlers and Indigenous peoples of the Canadian plains and sub-Arctic. Her ethnographic pictures of families and colonization taken in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century are appreciated for their sensitivity and beauty.


In 1931 Geraldine Moodie was elected to the National Geographic Society.  On March 22, 2013, Geraldine Moodie’s photograph of "Koo-tuck-tuck" was released as a stamp in the Canadian photography series.


Displays in Humber Room


A display, “Arctic Artifacts,” of art and tools from Nunavut plus noteworthy and replica maps accompany “Through the Lens of Geraldine Moodie.”


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