Heritage York is a non-profit group of volunteers responsible for the stewardship of the historic Lambton House. For 170 years it stood as a landmark in the village of Lambton Mills and the center of the community. It saw the birth of our country , named and owned by a Father of Confederation, Sir William P. Howland. Having survived a disastrous fire in 1915 that destroyed virtually every building around it, the wrath of Hurricane Hazel and the loss of the low-level bridge in 1955, it was sold in 1988 for development of the adjacent apartment building. On a quiet weekend in 1989, the rear 1/3 of the building was unceremoniously demolished by the builder leaving a much smaller footprint - yet it survives today as a testament to the efforts of many.

Unfortunately, the demolished north wing has left us with a limited use building. It is time to restore as much of the original footprint. This will allow for a proper museum/display area, archive, proper kitchen facilities, expanded rooms for events and rentals and a proper elevator to access the second floor. Imagine what can be done!

With your help, we can attain that goal through your donations. As the ancient Chinese proverb said "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Join in our journey to a brighter future. Every donor will receive a receipt for taxable purposes and our heartfelt appreciation.

Canadian Charitable BN/Registration Number: 893266378 RR 0001